Desert Island Excel Files

image Over the past few days, I’ve been without my desktop computer, which is on its way back to the repair shop. Fortunately, most of my files were available on the external hard drive, and online storage, so there were no major catastrophes. Well, none that I’ve discovered yet!
However, my personal Excel macros add-in file wasn’t backed up, so I had to work without it for a while. You don’t realize how often you use something, until it’s missing!

Your Desert Island Excel Files

My Excel tip for you today is – Remember to back up ALL your Excel files, including the add-ins, toolbars, and other key files. Imagine that you and your laptop will be abandoned on a desert island. Do you have everything installed that you’ll need for Excel survival?
Make sure your backup system is copying files from the C:Documents and SettingsYourNameApplication DataMicrosoft folder, such as the Addins and Excel files.
And let’s hope that island has internet access, so you can send email, and use the files that you have stored in your online storage folders!