Show Us Your Spreadsheets

showspread03a Another humdrum day in the world of spreadsheets? Hardly! Thanks to John Walkenbach (Mr. Spreadsheet) and Mike Alexander (DataPig), things are getting exciting.
They’ve just announced a Show Us Your Spreadsheets contest, with Excel books and gift cards going to the winners. The contest is open to residents of the USA, UK, and Canada (except Quebec).

How to Enter

To enter, send in a photo of yourself with one of John’s or Mike’s books, or with a fabulous Excel workbook that you created. As an example of creative book holding, here’s John hiding behind a notebook, imitating the poses of his buddies Bill and Steve.
Be sure to read and follow the official rules, and submit your photos (up to 3) by December 3rd. You probably have some books by John and/or Mike,  but if not, head to Amazon or your local bookstore, and pick one up (or a bunch!)

Picking the Winners

The best photos will be selected by John and Mike, and prizes awarded based on their decision. These multi-talented gentlemen have previous experience in judging creative events, as you can see in the photo below.
Dick is constructing an amazing tower, and you can see John (second from left) and Mike (right), judging the event. This shows that they have a keen eye for design, and are calm in the face of danger. They seem to like beer and hockey pucks too, so that bodes well for the Canadian entries!