Fast Way to Find and Delete Excel Rows

Find and delete Excel rows

It’s finally summer, and you need to stay cool, even when you’re using Excel. Here’s an energy-efficient and fast way to find and delete Excel rows. You can select several rows that contain similar data, and delete them all at the same time.

Find All the Data

In the worksheet shown below, there are products sales, and a few of the records are for paper sales. I’d like to delete those rows, without having to sort the worksheet, or spend a long time manually selecting the rows.


To find all the Paper sales rows, I can use the Find command.

    • On the Ribbon’s Home tab, click Find & Select, and then click Find.


  • In the Find and Replace dialog box, type “paper” in the Find What box.
  • Click Find All, to see a list of cells with “paper”
  • Select an item in the list, and press Ctrl+A, to select the entire list, and to select all the “paper” cells on the worksheet.


Delete the Selected Rows

To delete the entire row for each “paper” cell that was found:

  • On the Ribbon’s Home tab, click Delete, and then click Delete Sheet Rows.

All the selected rows are deleted, and the other product orders remain on the worksheet.


Find and Delete Excel Rows

To see the steps to find all the instances of a word, and delete the selected rows, watch this short Excel video tutorial.