Chandoo’s Excel School 2 Review

excelschool00 Do you need to take your Excel skills up a notch (or several notches)? Excel and charting expert, Chandoo, from, has opened another session of his online Excel School. Registration is open until June 21st only.
Would it help you learn more about Excel? Is it right for you?
Update:  Chandoo has also started an Excel VBA school and registration is ongoing. You can sign up now, and do the online classes at your own pace.

It’s Not For Everyone

I can’t be completely unbiased, because Chandoo interviewed me for the Pivot Table Tricks section of his first Excel School, so I know that section is truly awesome! 😉 Also, I’m an affiliate for, and earn a commission if you register through a link on my site.
However, there’s no point in your registering for a course, if it doesn’t cover the material that you need, or if it’s not presented in a way that suits your learning style. Let’s look at the Excel School content and format, and see if it’s right for you.

Excel School Content

How much do you know about Excel?

  1. You just bought a copy of Excel and can’t figure out how to open the box
  2. You know most of the Excel basics and a few fancy tricks
  3. You’re the Excel expert in your office, as long as Google is working
  4. You have advanced skills in some Excel topics, and basic skills in others
  5. You’re John Walkenbach

If you’re really new to Excel, or have advanced skills in most Excel topics, you’re not the target audience for Excel School.

  • If you’re an absolute beginner, you’re not quite ready for Excel School.
  • If you’re John Walkenbach (or could write your own Excel Bible), you’ve probably mastered most of the content already.

If you’re somewhere in the middle, there’s lots to learn in Excel School, including Advanced Charting, Conditional Formatting, Advanced Formulas, Macros and Pivot Tables.

Excel School Format

The lessons in Excel School are presented in video format. Chandoo demonstrates the techniques in Excel, as you follow along. Most lessons have a sample workbook that you can download, for use during and after the lesson.
There are also discussion sections for each lesson, so you can ask questions and post your comments.

  • If you enjoy learning through videos, then Excel School is perfect for you. Chandoo speaks very clearly, and explains the information well, so it’s easy and pleasant to follow each lesson.
  • If you hate videos, and would rather use written materials, then you won’t enjoy Excel School. You’ll be happier if you visit your local bookstore, and find something there.

How Much Does It Cost?

I checked the prices of classroom training in the Toronto area, and a one-day Excel course (6 hours) is currently about $275 CDN. On top of that, I’d have the commuting time and cost of driving into downtown Toronto, and parking for the day. Also, in a classroom, you can’t skip over the topics you already know, or mute the annoying guy beside you!
So, you’ll save time and money if you opt for online Excel School. There are two registration options:

  • Online Only – $67
  • Online + Download – $97

The content is the same for both registration options. The big advantage to opting for Online + Download is that you can download HD versions of the Excel School videos, and review them at your leisure, long after the Excel School session ends (August 28th).

Sign Up Today

Remember — registration closes on Monday, June 21st.
Update:  In Chandoo’s Excel VBA school you can sign up for a package that includes Excel School, and you could even add the Excel Dashboards class, and become an Excel master at your own pace. Registration is ongoing.
If you’ve decided that Excel School is right for you, or want more information, head over to the registration page for Excel School. Chandoo has a list of Frequently Asked Questions, and more details on the school and sign-up process.
And when you join the Excel School, be sure to watch my awesome presentation on Pivot Table Tricks!