Creating Excel Hyperlinks Is a Drag

Almost a year ago, we talked about creating a table of contents sheet in Excel. In that post, one of the suggestions was to type a list of sheets on a worksheet, then change each sheet name into a hyperlink.

Click Hyperlinks in Excel

Create Hyperlinks By Dragging

Well, forget all that typing — here’s a method that’s even easier. Instead of typing, you can drag cells to create hyperlinks.

In this example, there’s a table of contents sheet (TOC), a Sales sheet, and an Expenses sheet. We’ll create a hyperlink to the Sales sheet, on the TOC sheet.

  1. First, save the workbook, if you haven’t done so already. If you’re in a new workbook, that hasn’t been saved, this technique won’t work.
  2. Next, select a cell that you want to link to. In the screen shot below, the Sales sheet is activated and cell A1 is selected.
  3. Point to the selected cell’s border, and press the right mouse button.

Excel Hyperlinks 01

  1. We want to drag the cell to the TOC worksheet. Press the Alt key on the keyboard, and drag the cell over the TOC sheet tab.

Excel Hyperlinks 02

  1. The TOC sheet will be activated, and you can release the Alt key.
  2. Drag to cell B4, and release the right mouse button
  3. In the popup menu that appears, click Create Hyperlink Here

Excel Hyperlinks 03

A hyperlink is automatically created, using the text from the Sales Report cell that you dragged.

To go to the Sales sheet, click the Sales Report hyperlink.

Excel Hyperlinks 04

Watch the Create Hyperlinks Video

To see the steps performed, you can watch this short Excel tutorial video.