Spreadsheet Demo From May 1987

It’s Thanksgiving Day in Canada, so some of us will be eating turkey and watching football. However, we don’t limit ourselves to one day, like the USA – we celebrate for three days! Tomorrow, eight feet of snow will fall, and we’ll stay inside for the rest of the winter. 😉

For those of you who don’t have football to watch today, here’s a program that you might find interesting. It’s an episode of Computer Chronicles from May 1987, with the guests talking about spreadsheets.

An Excel Demo

The episode starts with a discussion of “look and feel” and related lawsuits. Then, at the 8:00 mark in the program, the Excel demo starts, with Mike Slade from Microsoft, using a Macintosh. He shows multiple worksheets open at the same time, links the sheets, creates a chart, and runs something called a macro.

This link will take you to a few seconds before the Excel demo starts. I’m sure some of you started in Excel on the Mac, like I did, and this will take you back to the good old days.


A Trapeze Demo

The Excel demo lasts about 3 minutes, then Andrew Wulf, from Data Tailor, shows his company’s Trapeze spreadsheet. It’s a freeform spreadsheet, and can do charts in colour!

I wondered what happened to Trapeze, and found a blog post by Andrew Wulf, who reports that Apple’s Numbers program is similar to the old Trapeze program. Since I haven’t used either program, I’ll take his word for it!