Identify a Contact in Outlook

Occasionally you might get an email in which the sender mentions someone else. In the example shown below, the client promises to ask Xavier to contact you. That name sounds vaguely familiar, but perhaps you can’t remember exactly who Xavier is, or what role he has in the client’s company.
If you’re using Outlook 2007, it can help you remember.

Who Is…

Right-click on a name in the body of an email, to open a shortcut menu.
Click Who Is…, and Outlook will check your contact information, to see if there’s anyone with that name.
If there’s more than one person with that name, a Check Names dialog box will open, with a list of possible matches.
Click on a name in the list, then click OK, to open that person’s Contact information.
If there’s only one person with the name, their Contact information will open automatically.