Remove Old Addresses From Outlook Drop Down List

In Outlook, as you start typing a name in the To box, a drop down list may appear, showing names of people to whom you’ve previously sent an email.
Sometimes those names are out of date, and the list includes old email addresses.
In my Outlook drop down lists there are multiple entries for some people – a current address and one or more older addresses. When sending email to those people, I waste time trying to remember which address is the correct one. I’d like to get rid of the old items in the list, so the correct addresses are the only ones left.

Remove the Old Addresses — Outlook for Windows

If you’re using Outlook for Windows (not, follow these steps to remove one of the suggested email addresses from the list.

  1. Create a new email message
  2. Start typing a name in the To box
  3. When the drop down list appears, click the down arrow (or up arrow) key on your keyboard, to move to the name that you want to delete.
  4. On the keyboard, click the Delete key.

Now when you start typing the name, the deleted names don’t appear.

Manage the Suggested Addresses —

If you’re using, the above suggestion will not work — you can’t remove individual address in
However, you can follow these steps to manage the suggested email address list, so only names from your contact list appear, instead of everyone you’ve ever communicated with in

  1. In, click the Settings icon (a gear wheel), at the top right of the screen.
  2. In the drop down list, click Options
  3. In the Customizing section, click Advanced privacy settings.
  4. In the Auto-complete suggestions section, select “Only suggest people in my contact list” .
  5. Click Save, then click the link, at the top left of the screen, to return to the main page.

Now when you start typing the name, only the names from your contact list appear.