Create Excel Workbooks For the Entire Year

Roger Govier has created an Excel file with a macro that will set up a year’s worth of workbooks for you, at the click of a button. It might not be the ideal workbook setup, but some people need to set these up, and this macro will certainly make the task easier.
This macro will create a series of 12 workbooks in the same folder as this workbook is stored. You’ll be prompted to enter the year number at the beginning of the macro. Each new workbook will be named with month and year e.g. Jan 2009.xls through Dec 2009.xls
Within each workbook, there will be a sheet for each day of the month. There’s an option to display the numbers as ordinals, so the sheet names would be Jan 1st, Jan 2nd and so on.

You can go to the Excel Sample Spreadsheets page and download the file — under UserForms and Add-ins, look for UF0006 Monthly Workbook Creator. Or download the zipped sample file here: