Show Word Comments in Balloons

I’m reviewing Word files and inserting comments for the author. I’d like to see my comments in balloons along the sidebar, but Word won’t cooperate, and shows them in a Reviewing Pane, at the bottom of the window.


I have trouble editing my comments in the Reviewing Pane. Usually when you select text and start typing, the selected text is replaced with the new text. Not in the Reviewing Pane, unfortunately, where new text is inserted beside the selected text.

It’s a real annoyance, and time waster. Editing works just fine in the balloons, which is one of the reasons that I prefer them.

How To Show Balloons in Word 2003

After a few minutes of searching through the menus and options, I figured out how to show the balloons.

  1. First, choose either Print Layout view or  Web Layout view. Balloon comments will only display in these views.
  2. Then, on the Tools menu, click on Options
  3. On the Track Changes tab, in the Balloons section, click the drop down arrow for Use Balloons, and click on Always or Only for Comments/Formatting, then click OK.


The comments now appear in balloons in the right margin.


How To Show Balloons in Word 2007

  1. Choose Print Layout, Full Screen or  Web Layout view. Balloon comments will only display in these views.
  2. Click the Review tab on the Ribbon, then click the Balloons command
  3. In the drop down list, click on Show Revisions in Balloons or Show Only Comments and Formatting in Balloons.