Get Organized With an Excel Christmas Planner

There are sites that offer Christmas Planner templates, usually in pdf format, which you can download and print. Then, store the printed sheets in a binder, and write out your task list, holiday budget, gift list and calendar.

I’m sure that helps people who are trying to organize a hectic holiday season, but Excel would be a better tool for all those lists and budgets. So, with my daughter’s help, I created an Excel Christmas Planner that you can download from my web site.

Instead of hand writing your lists, and doing your budgeting on a calculator, enter all the details in an Excel workbook, and let it do the heavy lifting for you.

The workbook includes a dinner planner, which will help you schedule the preparation for any large meal, whether it’s the American Thanksgiving this week, or Christmas, or a weekend dinner party.

It’s our first draft, so there’s probably much more that we could add, and would appreciate any suggestions for improving it.