More Google In One Fell Swoop

When you’re searching in Google, by default it shows you 10 results per page. Sometimes you’re lucky and the item you’re looking for is right there on the first page. Other times you’re not so lucky, and have to look through a few pages before you find your answer.
To cut down on the page views, you can change your Google preferences and increase the number of results per page. I find that 20-30 per page works well for me. Then, use the space bar on the keyboard to quickly scan down the page.

Change the Number of Results

1. On the Google search page, click the Preferences link.

2. On the Preferences page, scroll down to the Number of Results section

3. Select a higher number from the drop down list.

4. At the bottom right or top right of the Preferences page, click Save Preferences. That will automatically return you to the previous Google Search page.