What's Your Backup Plan?

Last Thursday I asked if you use checklists, and if someone could cover for you if you were away. It looks like we could use some improvement in that area.
In the same vein, what about backups? What happens if you show up for work, but your key files don’t?
When I’m writing, or working on a client project, I upload the files to my X-Drive account at the end of the day. That way, the current project files are available off-site, in case of fire, flood, tornado, can’t remember where I live, whatever.
For on-site storage, the files from my desktop computer are backed up overnight to an external hard drive, and the laptop files are backed up to its external hard drive.
The backup program doesn’t copy the files from the Program Files folder though, so I have to remember to do that myself, once a week(ish).

What’s Your Backup Plan?

It feels like there are holes in my backup bucket, so maybe I need to add some steps.

  • Do you have a backup routine in place?
  • Does yours copy everything, including the program files?