The Business Side of Twitter

Sure, you can use Twitter to let everyone know what you had for lunch, or all about football practice, or what you fished out of the swimming pool, and plenty of people do just that. However, you can also use Twitter to ask for feedback, share links, or give quick updates on your business or industry. If you listen, you might pick up some ideas that you can turn into blog posts, or apply in your business.
Find and follow a few people in your industry, and a few others with interests in a different area. Stick with them for a little while, and if they’re boring, or too chatty, move on, and find a couple of new people. I follow some Excel colleagues, business associates, friends, and a few people in marketing, which is an area that I want to learn more about. If you’re looking for someone fascinating to follow, you’ll find me here. 😉
A couple of days ago I found TwitterFeed, which sends your blog feed to Twitter. This might help a few more people find your blog and become subscribers. It requires an OpenID login, so I had to set that up, but the rest was very easy. Now, once a day, my new blog posts appear as Twitters.

For everything you ever wanted to know about Twitter, check the Twitter Fan Wiki. It has lists of users, groups, related applications, and tons of other tips and ideas.