Focus on the Business Basics

At The Business Brickyard site, you can download a free copy of president Howard Mann’s book, Your Business Brickyard (download link is at the bottom of the page).
[Update: The free ebook is now available if you subscribe to their newsletter.]
The book is short, and to the point, with no fluffy filler. It covers twelve points that will help you focus your business on the basics, rather than following all the latest trends, and wandering in different directions. I read it in under an hour, and found several ideas that I can implement in my business.
One of the points that Excel users might relate to is, “Fit your business on a single page.” As the book describes it, “At the end of every day, you should be able to scan a simple 8½ × 11–inch piece of paper and know exactly how your business is doing.”
There is a practice drill for each point, and a summary at the end of the book, for quick reference and review.
After reading the free downloaded copy, you might find it valuable enough to buy a printed version.