Simplify Data Entry With AutoCorrect

Instead of typing long phrases in Word or Excel, you can create AutoCorrect entries for those items. For example, if you type your name or company name several times a day, create an AutoCorrect entry in which you type your initials, and your name is automatically entered.
Don’t create too many entries, or you’ll have a hard time remembering the shortcuts. Limit the list to items that you type frequently, and those for which you can create a meaninful shortcut.
Your AutoCorrect list is shared by all the Office programs, so you can create and use the AutoCorrect entries in any Office program, such as Word or Excel.

Create an AutoCorrect Entry

  1. In Word 2007, click the Microsoft Office button.
  2. Click the Proofing Category, and click the AutoCorrect Options button
    (In Word 2003 or Excel 2003, click the Tools menu, then click AutoCorrect Options)
  3. In the Replace box, type a shortcut for your long phrase. In this example, I’ve entered by initials as the shortcut
  4. In the With box, type the long phrase. Here I’ve typed my full name.
  5. Click OK, or click Add if you want to keep the dialog box open and add more items.
  6. Click OK to close the Word Options window.

Use an AutoCorrect Entry

  1. Type the shortcut, then a space character or punctuation mark.
  2. The shortcut will be automatically replaced by the long phrase.