debra dalgleish contexturesThanks for visiting the Contextures blog, which is focused on Excel tips and Excel tutorials. I’m Debra Dalgleish, and if there is a topic that you would like to see covered, please let me know.
This blog has hundreds of time-saving tips, shortcuts, and step-by-step instructions, and videos that show the techniques, step-by-step.
You’ll also find a large collection of Excel tutorials, videos and sample files on my Contextures Excel web site.
The picture in the blog header is from a winter vacation. I love the greens and blues of the flowers — they match the colours in my Contextures logo.

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My Excel Background

I’m self-employed, and have done Microsoft Excel and Access programming and development for many years. Also, I’m proud to have received the Excel MVP award from Microsoft, every year since 2001. At the bottom of this page, you can see a few of the MVP events that I have attended.
I’ve written three books on Excel pivot tables, published by Apress, and they are available on Amazon. You can read the outlines here:

Finally, visit my Spreadsheet Day blog, to learn about this annual event (October 17th) that I founded in 2010.

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Email: Debra Dalgleish — ddalgleish AT contextures.com
You can also find me on Google+ — +Debra Dalgleish
and Twitter — ddalgleish



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